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Hemp Softgel Capsules

Meet your new relaxation specialist! Our fan-favorite fast-acting Hemp Softgels are the perfect, effective solution to add to your bedtime routine. Our THC-free Hemp Softgels are uniquely formulated with proprietary, water-soluble hemp technology for even faster absorption. Each 25mg Hemp Softgel is packed with naturally present terpenes, giving you all the good anti-inflammatory benefits.

Choose from our classic daily formula softgels or our ultimate restful sleep formula that contains soothing ingredients like melatonin and Roman Chamomile.

Softgel capsules

High Tide Hemp Oil Softgels

For those of us who love a good, relaxing bed time helper or a simple stress-relief agent, we’ve got you covered with high-quality, expertly crafted Hemp Oil Softgels that deliver powerful ingredients without the ineffective, low-quality ingredients.

At High Tide Cream, our team of knowledgeable chemists work in tandem with nature, delivering hemp products that truly make a difference in our customers’ lives. If our products are the perfect complement to a relaxing nighttime routine, then we know we’ve succeeded.

Take one Softgel with water and allow the fast-acting ingredients to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hemp softgel is a small, consumable pill that contains edible oils and ingredients combined with diluted hemp oil.

Hemp softgels are approved for consumption and are the most effective for ingesting hemp.

Hemp softgels are incredibly beneficial for those looking to reduce pain, stress, or inflammation in the body.

While each individual is different, most people will notice results in 45-minutes to 2-hours.

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Questions about our Hemp Softgel Capsules? We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our ingredients and how to best use our products for your unique needs.