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Hemp Relief Balm

The perfect, all-natural solution for chapped, stressed skin. The High Tide Hemp Relief Balm delivers extreme moisture with luxury oils and natural butters to soothe and revitalize even the driest skin types. And for even more relief? Enjoy relaxing menthol and soothing Organic Hemp Oil in every swipe of our amazing balm for the ultimate relaxing experience.

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High Tide Hemp Relief Balm Products

At the end of the day, dry skin is simply parched skin and often needs additional occlusive products like oils to protect and heal the sensitive skin barrier. If not properly hydrated, skin can start to feel dull or lackluster due to the body leeching water.

That’s why at High Tide Cream, our Hemp Relief Balm products are designed to act as that key protective barrier for the skin, with rich, all-natural oils working to keep water in and soothe the top layer. Our passionate team of cosmetic chemists create only the highest quality products using tested and true ingredients, such as Organic Hemp oil for results you can both see and feel.

Use our Hemp Relief Balm day or night alongside your skincare routine as the perfect final hydration step. Combine with our 200mg Hemp Massage and Body Oil for complete, full-body hydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hemp Relief Balm is designed to be a multi-functional product, helping to both soothe the skin on the outside and relax the body on the inside. Packed with high-quality, all-natural oils and butters, our Relief Balm also features 600MG of hemp and menthol for even more relaxation.

Using a Hemp Relief Balm at night or at peak times of stress is the perfect, lightweight solution for giving you that little bit of extra stress-relief. Our Relief Balm will not leave you feeling high, but it will give you that little boost of extra “relief” to help you relax.

The magic of hemp is not a new discovery, however in recent years, hemp has become a fan favorite for those looking for pain relief and relaxation without the feeling of being “high.” In combination with oils such as hemp seed or jojoba oil, hemp is a great ingredient for soothing skin care products that focus on hydration.

Yes, hemp has loads of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a wonderful surface ingredient to use over areas of muscle soreness or pain.

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Questions about our High Tide Hemp Relief Balm? We’ve got the answers for you! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our ingredients and how to best use our products for your unique needs.