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Hemp Massage Oils

Breathe in the soothing aroma and feel your muscles unwind as luxurious oils moisturize and relax the skin. Made with nourishing oils like sweet almond, sunflower, and jojoba, our hemp massage oils are delicate enough for sensitive skin, but rich enough to deliver powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits from ingredients like broad-spectrum hemp, lavender, and organic hemp oil.

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High Tide Cream Hemp Body Oil Products

Skin is delicate and deserves high-quality products that are both soothing and efficacious. Each and every cream and oil should be packed with natural ingredients designed for the skin, balancing the ever-changing needs that can come from stress, weather, and inflammation.

That’s why, at High Tide Cream, our beautiful, all-natural products are made with your skin in mind. Our High Tide Cream Hemp Body Oil Products are packed with non-greasy and fastabsorbing ingredients that leave the skin hydrated and glowing.

Comforting ingredients like organic MCT oil and hemp oil sink into the skin and deliver relaxation and pain-relief, while skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E and organic sweet almond oil protect the top layer of the skin, balancing pH and keeping the moisture locked in.

To use, simply pour some oil into your palm and delicately massage over the skin. We recommend using on sore muscle areas and lightly massaging for 5-10-minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp massage oil products are skin care products (lotions, creams, or oils) that include relaxing hemp oil as an inclusion to improve skin texture and relax the body.

The benefits of hemp massage oils cannot be understated. When combined with soothing oils such as sweet almond or jojoba (oils that are close to the skin’s natural pH-level), hemp adds additional benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep.

Yes. With continued use, hemp massage oils can be a comforting part of your skin care routine and help with sleep, anxiety, and pain-relief.

How long you leave hemp body oil on after a massage is personal preference. There is no harm in leaving it on to reap the extra moisture benefits, but you can also wash it off immediately afterwards.

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