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Expertly Crafted with Hemp Oil

At High Tide Cream, we believe high-quality, all-natural skincare doesn’t have to be filled with chemicals to deliver amazing results. For years, we searched high and low for calming, results-driven skincare that healed the skin without stripping it or causing irritation.

And when we couldn’t find it, we decided to create our own.

Meet the Original High Tide cream, specially formulated with Hemp Oil to protect, soothe, and moisturize the skin naturally. Formulated without common irritating ingredients like alcohol, preservatives, and heavy metals, our THC-free hemp oil moisturizer delicately balances the skin with luscious oils for complete skin hydration.

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About Our Products

As the delicate pathway to the body, the skin requires protection and healing against external sources like free-radicals, UV, and oxidation. Our selection of skincare products are expertly curated with this in mind, containing natural blends of organic oils, fatty acids, and vitamins to soothe and nourish the skin from the outside in.

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Rosehip Seed Oil
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Unrefined Organic Shea Butter
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All-natural Hemp Seeds
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High Tide Cream

THC Free Hemp Company Since 2019

When it comes to skin and relaxation, we’re the experts. For nearly half a decade, we’ve been developing evidence-based, all-natural skincare and products that truly heal the body – not just claim to. We saw a gap in the market for truly beautiful, highly-effective skincare that focuses on repair and wellness first.

Thus, High Tide Cream was born. As a family-owned Hemp company, each and every product we make is formulated with love and passion in mind. There’s no need for harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives, and cheap filler materials. Our luxurious products are hand-crafted by beautiful humans for beautiful humans.

See What Our Customers are Saying About High Tide Cream

Want to try High Tide Cream for yourself? Check out our rave reviews from past customers who have used and loved our products.

Best Skin Cream

The combination of the 13 botanical oils in combination with the organic Butters are more beneficial than the obvious change in your skin in fact I even use it when I have soreness on a shoulder or wrist. This is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!
Shaun T, Elmwood Park


After only 8 days of using High Tide All Natural Skin Cream – I’m glowing!!! This is seriously such a hydrating product. I use the cream at night and then a super small amount in the am. I love it and can smell the essential oils. Going to purchase some for Christmas presents. Five ⭐️ product all the way!!
Tricia H

Amazing Results

Love this cream. Put it on my face and body after my shower and it quickly absorbed right into my skin. Had a little left over on my hands and put some through my hair. Amazing results for skin and hair. Love it!
Sheree M

The High Tide Cream Blog

Stay in the know on all-things Hemp oil. Explore our fun, in-depth blog articles to learn more about our process and the many benefits of Hemp skincare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different! However, we have had customers tell us that they see results within a few days of trying our products.

Our creams do not require refrigeration, but should be kept in a cool, dry place, such as a cabinet. If the cream is left in the sun light, or an extremely warm area, you should refrigerate until the correct consistency returns. 

Yes! We use a variety of essential oils in our cream.

Our High Tide Cream with zinc oxide is an all natural product that will help protect your skin from some of the sun’s dangerous rays.

 NoThere is no THC in any of our products.

The percentage of hemp in our creams depend on the product that your purchase. The total amount of Hemp in each product is listed on the product’s label.

You can absolutely use High Tide Cream on your arms, legs, hands and feet… It will nurture and moisturize all of your skin. 

Yes! If you intend to send this as a gift, just put a descriptive note in the comment area when you place your order.

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At High Tide Cream, we make it easy to get in touch with us. Our exceptional customer service care support is here 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have.

Questions about our products? Contact our knowledgeable customer service team today and find the right product for you.